• 1

    Investigate the activities and trends of our competitors. Find the design direction for our customers.

  • 2

    Based on the research, form thinking image, then choose two to three design plans through breif introduction.

  • 3

    Represent the modified, concrete form and select a final design proposal through the secondary presentation. Represent the modified.

  • 4

    Crucial stage—establish a clear outline. This drawing is to establish a clear outline for the solid model, which eventually forms the final design.

  • 5

    Scan the drawing, convert it into 3D data, then use CNC machine to make resin model.

  • 6
    Solid Model

    Solid model, can be used to do the usability test during the early stage of the development process.

  • 7
    Surface Scanning

    Modify the model by hands.
    Get the surface data using a three-dimensional measurement machine, complete the drawing of the metal model, then transfer to the computer system.

  • 8

    Handle and manage all the problems during the entire process till mass production to get the best result.

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